Lewellys F. Barker, M.D., M.P.H.
Executive Vice President, Chief Scientific Officer and Director

Dr. Barker joined the Company as a Principal in 1996 and was elected a Director, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer in January 1998. In October 1999, he became Senior Medical Advisor of the Aeras Global Tuberculosis Vaccine Foundation. He continues to serve the Company on a part-time basis as Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer and assists with technology assessment, research and development, regulatory affairs and quality assurance.

Dr. Barker has experience in research and development, deployment and regulation of blood and blood products, vaccines, drugs and diagnostics. His experience covers preclinical research; IND, NDA and Product License Application preparation and review; clinical trials; product quality control, standardization and field testing; and technology transfer and application of biomedical products to disease detection, epidemiology, risk assessment, treatment and prevention. Dr. Barker has broad clinical, laboratory and applied public health experience with program development and evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions for prevention or control of established and emerging infections, transfusion-transmitted infections, and other immunologic and neoplastic diseases.

From 1991 to 1996, Dr. Barker served as the Senior Science Advisor and Associate Director, Clinical Research Program and Vaccine and Prevention Research Program with the Division of AIDS, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), NIH. In this position, he managed a national program of research on the clinical development of pharmaceutical, immune-based, and gene therapies for HIV and associated opportunistic infections and malignancies; HIV/AIDS epidemiology research; and preclinical and clinical development of vaccines and other, non-vaccine preventive measures for HIV infection. From 1978 to 1991, Dr, Barker served as Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Blood Services, Health Services and Development of the American Red Cross. In that capacity, he was the general manager of the national blood transfusion and health and safety services and served as Responsible Head for FDA-licensed production of blood and blood products in 57 Red Cross Regions. From 1962 to 1978, Dr. Barker worked for the Bureau of Biologics, FDA, as Director of the Division of Blood and Blood Products, Deputy Director of the Division of Virology, and Medical Officer in the Laboratory of Virology and Rickettsiology, Division of Biologics Standards, NIH. In these positions, he managed regulatory programs for licensure, inspection and quality assurance of a broad range of biologic products and conducted relevant laboratory, clinical and epidemiological research programs to accomplish the regulatory mission.

Dr. Barker graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Phi Beta Kappa, from Princeton University and an M.D. and Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) from Johns Hopkins University. He interned at Johns Hopkins Hospital and did his residency at Bellevue Hospital, Cornell University and New York University. Dr. Barker has served on numerous boards and committees of national and international organizations and has published over 100 articles in the medical literature.

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