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Partnering is an essential component of our business development strategy. Through partnering, Cary Pharmaceuticals will:

(1) expand our product portfolio by in-licensing new products, and
(2) once Proof of Concept has been established, out-license our products to strategic partners for commercialization

We are actively seeking to in-license promising new products that provide meaningful therapeutic benefits. Our primary objective is to enter into collaborations that optimize the value of each product while allowing Cary Pharmaceuticals and its partner to mutually benefit from its commercial success.

Upon completion of Phase II clinical trials, products will be licensed to a strategic partner in exchange for upfront and milestone payments and a royalty on net sales. Out-licensing candidates include:

QuitPak® (mecamylamine/bupropion) for smoking cessation

If you are interested in learning more about partnering opportunities with Cary Pharmaceuticals, please contact Doug Cary at (703) 759-7460 or via email at doug.cary@carypharma.com

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